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Harlem’s Trailblazing New Beer Bar Is Already a Hit

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Plus, a new Danish cafe is coming to the Lower East Side — and more intel

Harlem Hops
Harlem Hops
Photo via Instagram/Harlem Hops

A look at Harlem’s new craft beer bar

Harlem has a new proudly black-owned craft beer bar from Kevin Bradford, Kim Harris, and Stacey Lee called Harlem Hops located at 2268 Seventh Ave., between 133rd and 134th streets. The bar has 16 taps, serving a diverse array of locally brewed beers — from goses to Mexican-style lagers. A lit-up Harlem sign looms over the long bar, and the space has tables for larger groups, too. As with any great beer destination, there’s a backyard. A small menu of sausages and spicy pies is also available. On its opening day earlier this month, there reportedly was a line down the block from 4 p.m. until midnight. “We want our young people to see that we are black people that own a business in Harlem. And we want to be a reflection to them of what they can do,” Lee told Grub Street.

‘Top Chef’ runner-up’s dinner series continues in Harlem

The next installment of Top Chef runner-up Adrienne Cheatham’s Harlem-based dinner series will take place on Sunday, June 24 at Harlem’s Clay. Cheatham’s dinner series focuses on Southern food, and this week’s dinner features dishes like shrimp and grits, boudin-stuffed calamari, and duck breast with red miso barbecue, creamed turnips, and spoonbread. Tickets, which can be purchased here, cost $175, and include four courses, welcome cocktails, and wine pairings.

Two coming attractions

A Danish cafe called the Good Kind signed a 10-year lease to take over the former home of Moby’s TeaNY, which shuttered in 2015, at 90 Rivington. The cafe will serve Brownsville Roasters coffee with Scandinavian breads, pastries, salads, and sandwiches. Update: A previous version of this story noted that Claus Meyer would be involved in the cafe based on initial reports, and a representative has reached out to clarify that Meyer is not a part of the cafe. Signage for Randall’s Barbecue has gone up at 359 Grand St. and is expected to open in July.

Shake Shack to host silent Pride dance party

Shake Shack is jumping on the post-parade Pride revelry by co-hosting a silent dance party at Madison Square Park with Quiet Events from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday, June 24. Quiet Events is known for its silent events, where dancers listen to music on individual earphones and appear to be dancing to nothing to outsiders. The event is free, but the food provided by Shake Shack is not. Find more info here.


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