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Greenpoint’s New Pho Restaurant Already Looks Like Mad Cute Instagram Bait

Di An Di is a plant-filled, copper-accented space

Di An Di
Di An Di
Photo via Instagram/tuanster808

Greenpoint’s new plant-filled restaurant is already all over Instagram. Vietnamese noodle soup shop Di An Di from Dennis Ngo, Tuan Bui, and Kim Hoang of Vietnamese LES hit An Choi has been open to the public on sporadic evenings. It’s not clear whether the restaurant has regular times yet, but the restaurant, located at 68 Greenpoint Ave., between West and Franklin streets, is already getting lots of hype on social media thanks to its meticulously designed space.

Looks like natural light fills the restaurant during the day, but sleek custom light fixtures designed by Ladies & Gentlemen Studios also throw bright light against the white walls of the restaurant. Lots and lots of greenery add pops of color to the mostly white space. Plants hang from the ceiling and sit perched behind the banquettes, which also have a sleek look. The rounded blocks of colored leather come in different colors: brown, pink, and dark green.

According to one of the design firms behind the restaurant, white American Ash was used for the furniture, table tops, and millwork in the restaurant, the light wood adding to the bright, modern look in the space. And as is pretty much obligatory for hip new restaurants in NYC trying to draw in millennials with Instagram-ready decor, there are neon signs.

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Copper accents and plants — both real and on the wallpaper — also decorate the bar space in the restaurant.

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While the restaurant hasn’t made its final menu available yet, pho is definitely at the forefront, along with other Vietnamese noodle soups.

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Update: According to staff at the restaurant, Di An Di will be open on Friday and Saturday this week, with more hours starting next week.

Update 2: The Friday and Saturday openings will actually be for private events, according to an owner.

Di An Di

68 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (718) 576-3914 Visit Website