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Flatiron Sandwich Mainstay Eisenberg’s Officially Has New Owners

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The nearly 90-year-old shop is changing hands for the fifth time in its history

Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop
Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop
Photo via Yelp/トモ T.

Longtime Flatiron lunch counter Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop has been sold to new owners, Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York reports.

The casual lunch spot offering all-day breakfast, sandwiches, and other diner food at reasonable prices opened in 1929, and its no-frills space at 174 5th Ave., near West 22nd Street has barely changed since then, standing out against the fashiony restaurants and bars that surround it. The restaurant participated in the old-school NYC tradition of displaying photos of celebrities who dined there.

For the past 13 years, the casual lunch spot has been owned by Josh Konecky, a regular who bought it in 2005 without any past restaurant experience, saving it from demise. Konecky bought Eisenberg’s from previous owner Steve Oh, who bought it from Louie Weisberg, who bought it from the original Eisenberg family in the late 70s, so this will be the fifth change of hands for the shop.

Despite all those ownership changes, Eisenberg’s has held onto its throwback feel and low prices through the years, avoiding food trends and any glaring attempts to turn the restaurant into anything other than a casual lunch counter. A lot of the sandwiches still come in at under $8. Under Konecky’s ownership, a grill and exhaust system were installed in order to add burgers to the menu. But the menu has also preserved old-school classics like chopped liver and fried bologna sandwiches. The diner even offers a peanut butter and bacon sandwich for $5.

Konecky and co-owner Bonnie Taylor announced the sale on Facebook, writing that they “passed the torch to a new owner with the hopes that things will continue as they were.” A current manager told Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York that “Eisenberg’s will be running just as is.” Eater NY has reached out to the restaurant for more information about the new ownership.

Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop

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