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Former David Chang Employee Alleges She Was Pushed Aside for Having a Kid

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Plus, Dean & Deluca is on the decline — and more intel

This Bud's For Burgers: Chef David Chang And Budweiser Set Out In Search Of America's Best Burger Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Budweiser

A former David Chang employee is crying foul

An opinion section article in the Times explores “the invisible category of women who were sidelined or pushed out of the business altogether” by men’s alleged bad behavior. A former Momofuku beverage director says she was pushed aside at the company after taking maternity leave. Beth Lieberman alleges that while she was out, owner David Chang hired someone above her and that “the scope of her work had diminished.” Chang responded that the company’s “intentions were honorable.” The article also includes stories of alleged sexual misconduct at Babbo.

Dean & Deluca is “drastically downsizing”

High-end market Dean & Deluca is standing down from an ambitious expansion plan that included 100 stores in the United States and another 100 across the world. Instead, the company closed over 20 stores and now has just 17 across the world, including four in Manhattan. The grocer has reportedly also backed out of several sponsorship contracts, pulled out of three Manhattan leases before opening, and not paid some vendors.

Three new outdoor venues, and other new restaurants

Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee, with multiple locations around NYC, has rolled out a vegan menu, and is opening two new locations on the UWS and UES. Sauce pizzeria is headed to 345 East 12th St. It’s unclear if it’s from the same owners as Sauce restaurant nearby. Señor Pollo at 221 First Ave. is now Punto Rojo, a Colombian restaurant and bakery. Plus, three places have opened up outdoor areas: Brooklyn bar and concert venue Elsewhere, FiDi Michelin-starred restaurant L’Appart, and RFTP at the Pod Brooklyn Hotel in Williamsburg.

North Fork’s food scene is popping off

Chef Tom Colicchio (Craft, Temple Court), Bon Appetit editor Adam Rapoport, chef Andrew Carmellini (Locanda Verde, Lafayette), pastry chef Claudia Fleming, and other big food-world names are flocking to the North Fork for its burgeoning upscale farm-focused food scene. “It used to be just cauliflower and broccoli and potatoes. Now Holly Browder of Browder’s Birds has the best chickens I’ve ever eaten, Sang Lee is doing organic farming, there are at least three different oyster growers, people are planting hops for the local brewers,” Colicchio told the Post.

Correction: This story has been corrected to show that there were no allegations of sexual misconduct at Il Buco.