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That Popular ‘Museum’ of Ice Cream Returns to NYC This Summer

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Plus, Cate Blanchett digs Superiority Burger — and more intel

A pool of rainbow sprinkles
Museum of Ice Cream
Museum of Ice Cream

That dumb, photo-bait Museum of Ice Cream thing is back in New York this summer

The Museum of Ice Cream — that wildly popular Instagram installation pop-up that degrades the term “museum” — is heading back to New York City this summer, and this time, it seems to have pumped up its actual ice cream offerings. The Pint Shop will be “an interactive grocery shopping destination,” with the installations the pop-up is known for and pints of a Museum of Ice Cream-created line of ice cream pints for sale. Flavors include Nana Banana, Cherrylicious, and Sprinkle Pool. The pop-up opens to the public on June 6 at 459 West 14th St.

Cate Blanchett really loves Superiority Burger

As part of promo for Ocean’s 8, actress and sparkly-jumpsuit goddess Cate Blanchett went on The Tonight Show and convinced Jimmy Fallon to eat a bite of a Superiority Burger veggie burger. Apparently she’s in love with the Brooks Headley creation: “I swear to god, it’s the best goddamn burger, Superiority Burger, you will have in your life,” she says. Later, she adds “This is the thinking man’s burger.” Fallon seemed to like it, too. Headley’s tiny, innovative vegetarian restaurant in the East Village is one of the city’s essential restaurants, known for that veggie burger and his insane rotating list of gelatos.

A ‘Mad Hatter’-themed cocktail bus is hanging out in Williamsburg

An immersive theater and cocktail party with a Mad Hatter theme is parked in Williamsburg through July 15 — where the bartenders, dressed up as the Alice in Wonderland outfits and acting in character, serve outlandish gin-based drinks. (“Everything is for Instagram,” a spokesperson for the event says.) Besides “four crazy molecular cocktails,” the bus-turned-cottage has British tea snacks. Tickets cost $60, and the event lasts two hours.

Chumley’s Victoria Blamey talks her future prospects

Chef Victoria Blamey, who left Chumley’s in December, says that she is in talks with various hospitality groups as part of her next move to open her own restaurant. The Chilean-native says that despite the hearty burger of Chumley’s, her passion lies in seafood. No firm plans yet, but Blamey wants a 60-seater with “larger tapas”-sized plates.

Meat Hook goes retail

The guys behind Willimasburg butcher-and-sandwich shop the Meat Hook are now selling their cult favorite sausages in small grocery stores as part of Meat Hook Sausage Co. Following a Kickstarter campaign, Brent Young and Ben Turley’s sausages — including fennel and garlic Italian and hot dogs — will be available at Foragers Market and Stinky Brooklyn starting this weekend.

The Times looks at a Brooklyn Burmese restaurant

In this week’s Hungry City column, critic Ligaya Mishan rejoices over a restaurant in Gravesend serving Burmese fare, which is still quite rare to find in the city. Rangoon Spoon is run by owner-chef Amy Tun, who moved to Brooklyn from Myanmar in 2005. Mishan likes a spicy shan tofu salad, fish cakes, and laphet thoke, a dish with fermented tea leaves, cabbage, pumpkin seeds, fried garlic, and other ingredients that “bring crackle and tang to each mouthful.”