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Small Plate Maestros Behind Wildair Confirm Yet Another LES Project

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They’re seeking a beer and wine license in Essex Crossing

Fabián Von Hauske Valtierra and Jeremiah Stone stand near the entrance to Contra in a black and white photo
Fabian von Hauske and Jeremiah Stone
Photo by Nick Solares

Hot on the heels of their opening of Una Pizza Napoletana, Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Hauske Valtierra are looking to Essex Crossing. The duo behind Contra and Wildair on the Lower East Side have filed for a beer and wine license at 115 Delancey St. and confirm they are planning a project in the Market Line, the 40-vendor food market slated to open as a part of the sprawling Essex Crossing project.

This filing, under LLC name Cubmare, is a redo of their failed effort to open a wine shop on Orchard Street. The plan there had been a shop featuring the wines of their former wine director Jorge Riera, who is now at Tribeca hot spot Frenchette. Riera is no longer involved in this project.

The former plan had been for a store, but this filing is for a beer and wine license. Stone and Von Hauske Valtierra declined to provide any further details, but the meeting on June 11 will reveal more.

The news comes as Market Line reveals a few more new vendors: pickle shop the Pickle Guys, doughnut store Doughnut Plant, Lebanese nut shop Castania Nut Boutique, and juice shop Substance Vitality Bar.

The Market Line is part of Essex Crossing, one of nine buildings with over 1,000 new residences, over 400,000-square-feet of office space and 450,000-square-feet of retail spaces total, connected by a new park, bike paths, and green spaces. The Market Line itself will also have two indoor parks. Other previously confirmed vendors in the Market Line include Veselka, Nom Wah, and Ends Meat.

The Market Line

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