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Mariachi Band Led 500-Person Protest Outside ‘Racist Lawyer’s’ Apartment

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Plus, there’s another new rice noodle restaurant — and more intel

‘Racist lawyer’ blowback continues with massive protest

New Yorkers are continuing to make their feelings known about lawyer Aaron Schlossberg, who last week freaked out in a Midtown restaurant, threatening to call Immigrations and Customs Enforcement on restaurant workers speaking Spanish. On Friday, a mariachi band protested outside his apartment along with around 500 people, while the Human Rights Commission visited Fresh Kitchen, the site of the rant, to educate people on their rights. Plus, Schlossberg’s Yelp page for his business has been flooded with one-star reviews. That’s in addition to his shared office space kicking him out, reporters following him for comment, and a congressman filing a grievance against him.

More rice noodles head to the East village, and other openings and closings

Another rice noodle restaurant — NYC’s hottest cheap eat of 2018has opened at 435 East 9th St. between Avenue A and First Avenue. Dian Kitchen serves various rice noodle soups alongside dumplings, spiced sweet potato fries, and other Yunnanese small plates. After being temporarily closed for a few weeks, ice cream shop Mikey Likes It at 199 Avenue A is back up and running. 47 Clinton St. will soon flip into a cheesesteak restaurant called Izzie’s. Closed for good is Upper West Side Italian restaurant Machiavelli, which had declining business and could not sustain itself. Nearby, bone broth shop Brodo is headed for 2144 Broadway.

The disappointment in Legacy Records continues

After Post critic Steve Cuozzo called it “sexless” last week, the unimpressed reviews for hot Hudson Yards restaurant Legacy Records continue to roll in. This time it’s New York magazine’s Adam Platt saying, “I still couldn’t help wondering what all the fuss was about.” He wrote that the multiple raw fish options “weren’t very different from the thousands of other options available in this crudo-saturated town” and that there was a bug in his “unremarkable” salad. One star out of five.

The Ainsworth’s showy gold wings, analyzed

The New Yorker takes on the garish new golden wings at The Ainsworth, produced in collaboration with the food world’s most insufferable influencer, Jonathan Cheban. Or, as writer Helen Rosner gleefully puts it, “The creative force behind this intestinal El Dorado is Jonathan Cheban, an erstwhile P.R. professional and self-propelled media personality who — despite an aggressive attempt to rebrand himself as a culinary influencer, complete with the nom de guerre Foodgōd — remains best known as a friend of Kim Kardashian.” Rosner explores the deep history of eating gold and concludes, “The art is the act of selling the promise of golden shit, or maybe it’s the act of producing it.”

Legacy Records

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