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Di An Di Lights Up Brooklyn With Vietnamese Noodle Soups This Week

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See the full pho menu here

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Greenpoint’s anticipated new noodle den with a plant-strewn, sleek space is finally making its debut this week after tons of brief test runs, private events, and friends and family meals. Di An Di — from the team behind LES restaurant An Choi — will open to the public later this week at 68 Greenpoint Ave., between West and Franklin streets.

As promised, the restaurant from Tuan Bui, Kim Hoang, and chef Dennis Ngo spends a huge hunk of the menu on noodle soups, including five different kinds of pho and three other noodle soup options. Pho comes with three kinds of beef, with beef meatball and cartilage, and with a vegetable broth and mushrooms. Di An Di is also offering bun ca, a noodle soup made with a fish and chicken broth blend.

Outside of noodles, Ngo’s cooking up a selection of rolls and bigger entrees — ranging from turmeric crepe stuffed with grilled pork sausage to a salad made with shredded chicken, cabbage, and rau ram leaves, an herb that’s also called Vietnamese coriander. Drinks include cocktails and a tight list of wine and beer. See the full menu below.

Dennis Ngo, Kim Hoang, and Tuan Bui
Dennis Ngo, Kim Hoang, and Tuan Bui
Photo vi Di An Di

The team comes from An Choi, a nearly decade-old Vietnamese restaurant on the Lower East Side that’s one of the city’s best. Homey food is a focus here, but the stylish space is what’s been getting attention already. With clean lines, neutral tones, neon signs, and a millennial-friendly amount of plants, it’s already shaping up to be the next big Instagram bait spot in north Brooklyn. Stay tuned for photos of the space and official opening hours.

Di An Di

68 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (718) 576-3914 Visit Website