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NYC Man Sues Halo Top for Deceptively Looking Like Full-Fat Ice Cream

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Plus, Claire Welle is no longer at Otway — and more intel

Halo Top
Halo Top
Photo via Halo Top

Claire Welle is no longer at Otway

Chef Claire Welle is out of the kitchen once again. More than a year after turning chic Clinton Hill restaurant Otway into an experimental neighborhood dining destination, Welle has left the project. She did not respond to requests for comment. In a two-star review in January, Eater critic Ryan Sutton commended Welle for her envelope-pushing fare in the tiny restaurant. A representative for the restaurant’s owner Samantha Safer says that Welle left by “mutual decision.” Chef Ian Anderson, an alum of Betony and Miss Ada, is now putting in a new menu.

NYC man sues Halo Top for being misleading

Popular low-calorie ice cream maker Halo Top is scamming people, Queens man Josh Berger says. He’s suing the company — saying that the packaging is “false, deceptive, and misleading.” The “light ice cream” label that’s legally required to be on the pint is too small, and he ended up buying the ice cream not realizing that it didn’t contain as much cream as typical ice cream. “[He] would not have purchased the products or paid as much if the true facts had been known,” the suit says.

Estela and Cafe Altro Paradiso brings on an impressive new sommelier

Estela and Cafe Altro Paradiso co-owner Thomas Carter has a strong wine background, but now he and chef Ignacio Mattos have brought on one of the city’s most interesting sommeliers to be wine director, Amanda Smeltz. She’s known for putting together stellar lists of natural wines, along with less common options. Smeltz helped put Bushwick pizzeria Roberta’s on the map as a wine destination and then spent time at Boulud Sud and Bar Boulud.

A look at a very special comic strip wall in Midtown

The Times takes a look at Midtown East sports bar Overlook’s eclectic comic strip art wall with a history. In the ’70s, the generation’s cartoon legends all had a bunch of drinks and covered the wall in their iconic work: “a Spider-Man by Gil Kane, a Beetle Bailey by Mort Walker, a Dondi by Irwin Hasen, a Steve Canyon by Milton Caniff, a Hagar the Horrible by Dik Browne, and a Dagwood Bumstead by Paul Fung Jr.” It was created for previous bar Costello’s, and since that place closed in 1992, the wall has managed to endure. “This is a piece of New York history,” says Overlook owner Mark Evangelista.

Legendary Guyanese restaurant heads to East Flatbush

A nearly 60-year-old restaurant in Guyana called German’s is opening a location in NYC for the first time next week. Owner Clinton Urling, son to the restaurant’s founder Hubert “German” Urling, will be serving signatures like cow heel soup, pepperpot, and barbecued chicken at the new East Flatbush location. Expect it to start serving fare at 793 Utica Ave., at Linden Blvd., soon.

The Times spotlights Thai home cooking in Elmhurst

In this week’s Hungry City, Ligaya Mishan writes a dispatch on Lamoon, an Elmhurst Thai restaurant where the chef Arada Moonroj is cooking in a restaurant for the first time. Moonroj, who runs the restaurant with her husband, makes dishes like nam prik, larb neua, and khao soi based on memories from her hometown. The result is “thoughtful, detailed cooking,” Mishan writes.


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