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People Are Straight Up ‘Livid’ Over Salad Chain’s ‘No Chopping’ Rule

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Twitter users react to the news about Just Salad’s changes

Just Salad/Facebook

This week, news broke that salad chain Just Salad — following in the footsteps of Fresh & Co. and Sweetgreen — was set to employ a “No Chopping” rule, via a Post story where a selection of salad lovers were aghast that their lettuce would no longer get cut. As news spread, other New Yorkers called out in vehement agreement over Twitter.

Salad chains like these are staple lunch spots for New Yorkers, many of whom are accustomed to ordering their go-to salads chopped into tiny pieces to make eating super easy. But founders and CEOs of these popular chains say chopped isn’t the way to go anymore, arguing that chopped salad is “so 2006,” and these unchopped salads — already made with bite-sized pieces — have pushed sales up and even taste better.

Still, people have been vocal about their dissent:

Some people didn’t see what the big deal was:

But the true winner in this debate was fellow salad chain Chopt, which has its lettuce chopping mantra built right into the name. The corporate account tweeted to one distressed person that it has no plans to change its chopping policy, and then sent out a separate little reminder about it, too: