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Famous Buffalo Wing Chain Anchor Bar Pops Open in One Week

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Plus, Marta’s pizza tasting menu is back — and more intel

Anchor Bar Photo via Anchor Bar/Facebook

Alleged buffalo wing creator plants a location in Midtown West

Anchor Bar, a Buffalo-based restaurant chain that claims it invented the town’s famous hot wing, will open a Manhattan bar on May 17. It will be the 11th location of the chain, which first opened in Buffalo in 1935 and came up with the recipe in 1964. Here in NYC, the 3,840-square-foot franchise space at 327 West 57th St., between Eighth and Ninth avenues, will have a dining room area and a sports bar area serving its famous wings — 10 for $13.99 — alongside typical bar fare such as chicken nuggets and pizza “logs.”

Marta brings back its pizza tasting menu series

Union Square Hospitality pizza restaurant Marta is bringing back its summer-long pizza tasting menu series. Starting June 4, newly appointed executive chef Lena Ciardullo — she had been chef de cuisine — will team up with chefs around the city for an $80 per person pizza counter tasting menu that includes an amuse and aperitivo, a sampling of pizzas, off-menu snacks, and dessert. The schedule is Pizza Loves Emily’s Matt Hyland on June 4, Untitled’s Suzanne Cupps on July 9, the Grill’s Ashley Rath on August 6, La Vara’s Alex Raij on August 27, and Shalom Japan’s Sawako Okochi on September 24. Reservations here.

New app lets diners choose a restaurant by noise level

Searching for a quiet restaurant can be a bit difficult, especially in New York City where only high-end, expensive venues tend to be on the softer side. New app SoundPrint aims to mitigate that, with user-submitted decibel levels — read through smartphones — at about 12,000 restaurants, bars, and cafes around town. Some extra-quiet spots include Almayass, Afghan Kebab House, and Triomphe.

Commons in Chelsea is a true family affair

The Times’ latest neighborhood joint column takes readers to the Commons in Chelsea, a 300-square-foot cafe at 128 Seventh Ave. between 17th and 18th streets. The coffee shop is a true family affair, run by brothers Sam and Brett Nidel and friend Matthew Mogel, with Brett’s wife doing graphic design, their cousin having designed the space, their father providing legal expertise, and their mother baking the cakes and cookies.

Anchor Bar

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