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Danny Meyer’s New FiDi Restaurant Manhatta Previews Its Food in May

Plus, Mister Dips is back — and more intel

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A preview of Danny Meyer’s new FiDi restaurant

Danny Meyer’s skyscraper restaurant with a view Manhatta isn’t opening in FiDi until this summer, but on May 22nd, the food from the restaurant will be served as part of the one-day neighborhood lunch food festival Dine Around Downtown. Longtime Maialino chef Jason Pfeifer will also be the chef at Manhatta, and his team will be offering a crab salad with leeks, creme fraiche, and artichokes, as well as a chilled cucumber soup and a canele. Other FiDi restaurants at the festival include Adrienne’s Pizza Bar, Blue Ribbon Bakery, and Delmonico’s. The festival will take place at the 28 Liberty plaza from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Tuesday, May 22.

Mister Dips returns for the season Saturday

Andrew Carmellini’s eclectic Williamsburg hotel food truck Mister Dips gets back into the swing of things this weekend. The Airstream, which serves griddle burgers and fancy soft serve, sits on a park in front of the William Vale Hotel and stays open during warmer weather. New to the 2018 season is the banana split dip, a banana-strawberry twist soft serve that’s dipped in chocolate and topped with banana chips, fudge, and whipped cream. It’s open from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Twelve new farmers markets are slotted for Brooklyn

Governor Andrew Cuomo just announced that he’s allotted $1.4 billion toward new projects in Brooklyn, from affordable housing to playgrounds. The list also includes 22 new community gardens and 12 new farmers markets that will be “youth-run.” Starting the 2018 to 2019 school year, schools in central Brooklyn will have programs with Grow NYC and the United Federation of Teachers to teach young people “how to manage and operate farm stands,” a release says. They’re supposed to increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables in neighborhoods with low food security and chronic diet-related health issues.

Critic digs luxury sushi den Noda

The $285 omakase at Noda is a lot, but Adam Platt at New York magazine says it “might actually be worth” the cost. The room “looks an awful lot like a caricature of a young bond trader’s fantasy sushi den,” but the 14-piece meal still managed to embody “the focused, uncluttered feel of something you might encounter on a high-level sushi tour of one of the great sushi cities of Japan,” the critic writes. Though he only dined there once, it’s the kind of place he might visit again should he scrape up the funds.

The Times highlights ‘modern Russian dumplings’ in Brooklyn

In this week’s Hungry City column, Ligaya Mishan dines at Luda’s Dumplings in Sheepshead Bay, a pelmeni shop without tables that cooks the pelmeni to order. It comes from owners Eugene Tulman and Lawrence Rafalovich, named after Tulman’s mother and inspired by her edict to use fresh ingredients and mix by hand. Mishan likes the “robust and wintry” beef and pork dumpling, a potato and cheddar, and a spinach and cheese. They all come with three toppings per order, including a roasted garlic that’s “undetectable to the eye but an insistent imprint on the tongue.”

Roberta’s now has its own wine

Brooklyn pizzeria Roberta’s is also known for its ambitious wine list, and now the restaurant has its own wine called Zero Bad, a cabernet franc “produced with natural qualities in mind,” according to a statement. It’s an unfiltered and sulfur-free wine grown and produced on the North Fork. According to the restaurant wine director Hugh Crickmore, the lighter flavor pairs well with wood-fired pies.

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