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A Kind of Sexual Pizza ‘Museum’ Is Popping Into NYC This Fall

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Get ready for a flood of pizza selfies

Museum of Pizza
Museum of Pizza
Photo via Nameless Network

Get ready for an onslaught of pizza selfies this fall. Pizza is the latest food getting the New York niche “museum” — a.k.a. social media-fueled funhouse — treatment. Youth media company Nameless Network, which makes online videos, is launching The Museum of Pizza this October from the 13th to the 28th, and tickets are already available presale.

For $35, pizza lovers can go on an “experiential pizza adventure,” which likely amounts to just posing for a bunch of photos to post on Instagram. There will be “pizza-inspired immersive rooms,” a “cheese cave,” a “pizza art gallery,” and a “pizza beach.” The official website doesn’t offer a lot of insight into what any of that actually means, but it does describe them as “marvelously-’grammable.” The photos already up on the site and Instagram are bizarrely sexual.

It’s just the latest Instagram backdrop machine marketed as a museum. Since the wildly popular Museum of Ice Cream, an egg museum and a candy museum have come up as well. People waited in lines for hours to get into the Museum of Ice Cream, and tickets were even being resold online for upwards of $100 for the chance to have colorful photoshoots. These museums tend to say more about content consumption than food consumption, attracting social media influencers who can post food photos without actually having to eat anything.

Will there actually be pizza available to eat here? The answer seems to be a cautious yes. Specific details of what kind of pizza or who’s making it have not been announced. Ticket holders are “entitled to one free slice,” and the museum “will do its best to make additional pizza available,” according to the event listing. Hopefully those slices won’t look like the ones offered at the notorious NYC “pizza festival,” but hey, it’s more about the #likes than the bites anyway.

New York’s upcoming Museum of Pizza touts itself as “the world’s first and only immersive art experience celebrating pizza,” but actually, Philadelphia and Chicago have both already been homes to elaborate pizza museums. And just today, a Pizza Hut museum opened at Wichita State University. A location has yet to be announced for this latest pizza marketing tool — er, museum.