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Danny Meyer’s Sky-High FiDi Restaurant Will Be Called Manhatta

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Manhatta and Bay Room are coming soon to the 60th floor of the 28 Liberty St. tower

Danny Meyer
Danny Meyer
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Michael Kors

The super high, view-packed skyscraper restaurant that hospitality industry titan Danny Meyer has planned for FiDi now has a name: Manhatta.

Union Square Hospitality Group has previously announced that it’d taken over a private events and restaurant space on the 60th floor of the 28 Liberty St. tower, with word from Meyer that the space with “extraordinary” views would be serving approachable food.

On Tuesday morning, the company released a showy announcement video that anchors the restaurant as a very New York City spot: Walt Whitman’s “Mannahatta” poem is quoted throughout and is obvious inspiration for the name. Pictured at various points in the video are fish, oysters, scallops, meat, wine, and vegetables — which doesn’t say much about the menu, but it is in line with Meyer’s flagship Union Square Cafe and other American restaurants like Gramercy Tavern and Untitled. Update: USHG’s team says that Jason Pfeifer — the longtime Maialino chef — will be the head chef here, and Manhatta is expected to open this summer.

“I want to make a restaurant that I would want to go even if it did not have a great view, that I would want to go to frequently,” Meyer has told Eater.

On par with what Meyer’s already revealed, the website says Manhatta will combine “sky-high views with the intimacy of a neighborhood spot.” There’s also an events space attached, Bay Room, which will be the highest ballroom in the city once it opens. Eater has reached out to find more details regarding the food, space, and timeline.

It’s bound to be a busy year for Meyer, who also has an outdoor taco stand in the works in Williamsburg and will close his North End Grill following misconduct allegations at the location. The restaurant is the 20th location for USHG.

28 Liberty St.
28 Liberty St.
Photo via 28 Liberty St.


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