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A Restaurant Dedicated to Truffle Pasta Is Opening in West Village

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Oak Tuscan Truffle Lounge will have lots of the luxury fungus

A bowl of truffle pasta
Shutterstock/ photobeps

A restaurant with a lot of luxury is opening in the West Village. Owners of Oak Tuscan Truffle Lounge — a restaurant dedicated to truffle-based pastas — have applied for a liquor license to serve wine at 28 Greenwich Ave., between West 11th and West 10th streets.

The owners presented an application for a liquor license at Manhattan’s Community Board 2 meeting last week. The restaurant will serve truffle-centric Italian dishes, they said. The board approved the request, a vote that’s advisory to the full board and the State Liquor Authority.

The concept of a “truffle lounge” is not new. An Italian chain named Tartufi & Friends has been serving truffle-based dishes for years and has locations in Rome, Milan, Dubai and London. The menu there has traditional Italian fare — except that truffles are added to every dish. The company says that it is not associated with Oak Tuscan Truffle Lounge.

It’s not the first restaurant marketing itself by its most luxurious product recently, either. Bar Uni over in Greenpoint serves a bunch of Japanese-inspired dishes, but it does serve an uni shooter, uni toast, uni donburi, and uni-stuffed peppers. And soon, East Village will be home to a caviar bar, a revival of a shuttered Tribeca spot that will add Champagne and possibly sushi when it opens.

The address of this new truffle restaurant is the same as Mah-Ze-Dahr, but it will be in a small space next to the bakery. Stay tuned for more.