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A ‘Deadpool’ Pop-Up Bar Is Headed for NYC

It’s completely free, but Mike’s Harder is sponsoring it

Deadpool Movie [Facebook]

Deadpool fans can get amped for a pop-up bar that’s coming to New York City themed around the movie. Called Sister Margaret’s School for Wayward Girls, the bar from the movie will come to life April 26 to April 28 in advance of Deadpool 2’s release on May 18.

The bar will be completely free, courtesy of sponsor Mike’s Harder, which means drinks from the boozy lemonade company will be served, alongside lead character Wade Wilson’s “favorite snacks.” Deadpool is a particularly food-focused comic, which follows Wilson, a former cafeteria cook, who loses his sense of taste after a near-fatal cow attack. Sister Margaret’s is Wilson’s favorite hangout, and the pop-up will include elements from the bar like a pool table and pizza. But absolutely no pickles.

New Yorkers are no stranger to promotional pop-ups like this that bring to life various shows and characters, including Bob’s Burgers, Breaking Bad, Star Wars, and more. To get into this one, held at Alligator Lounge in Williamsburg, sign up here.