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‘Billions’ Hits Up a Danny Meyer Restaurant in Episode 4

Plus, Brandy Library and King Cole Bar make cameos

A celebration at Ghenet
A celebration at Ethiopian restaurant Ghenet

Billions! New episode baby! And on this week’s fourth episode on Showtime, our wheeler and dealers focused on… venture philanthropy? Hmmm. Anyway, what’s the point of charity without eating food at dope places? Billions scored some resys at some cool spots so let’s run them down.

So first up we got Taylor talking to Sean Ayles at North End Grill, a Danny Meyer restaurant in Battery Park City. Pretty on brand since mostly finance guys in the area go there anyway. (It’s closing at the end of the year.) Sean’s trying to pitch them on thinking about philanthropy as something for Axe Capital to consider: Solar power can cool down Africa with Rayveon solar. Taylor is skeptical.

We also see Axe having a drink with Wells (who looks like a finance bro version of Matt Lauer) under the mural at the historic King Cole Bar in the St. Regis Hotel. Quick scene, tense scene. Again, Axe is very skeptical of these venture capitalists, and honestly Wells hates that Axe is involved in his World Aid foundation. There are some rad fart jokes here regarding the iconic mural of the smirking king.

Hey, did you know an astronaut dies in this episode? Yup! Anyway, last season Wendy slept with him. She’s understandably pretty upset, but what’s more is that Chuck tells her he’s sorry for her loss and the reason that’s so messed up is that she never told him that she slept with the astronaut! How does Chuck know!??

Wendy runs away to the Brandy Library in Tribeca to have a drink, and Chuck shows and orders “bourbon in a cup.” Chuck explains how he knows about the affair: Chuck’s dad showed him pictures of Wendy and the astronaut together. Chuck also says he lost his virginity to a prostitute named Ginger when he was 14 and that was the first time his father said he was proud of him. These are the kind of conversations I expect people have at Brandy Library, tbh.

The next day at Donohue’s Steak House — a Midtown institution with devoted regulars in the area — Chuck and Black Jack discuss what to do about dear old daddy Rhodes. Chuck thinks he’s going to turn on him and that Black Jack should back someone else to be a prospective New York gubernatorial candidate. Black Jack’s like, Nah I got this. But we’re going to screw him over is this cool? And Chuck’s like, am I ready?

Later on in the same damn booth at the steakhouse, Chuck Sr. meets with Senator Scolari who basically threatens that if he turns on Chuck, that his casino development is donzo, outta there. Chuck, who is meeting with investigators later on, knows what to do.

Finally, we have Taylor, Axe, and Oscar Langstratt (the owner of that solar panel in Africa company played by Mike Birbiglia) celebrating with a bit of Ethiopian food at Ghenet on the edge of Park Slope and Gowanus. They had just pulled one over the World Aid Foundation by getting them to buy Rayveon Solar, where Axe Capital is a share holder. The stock goes sky high. But as the shared dinner is served, Taylor — who still has a soul and was sickened that they profited off of the astronaut’s death — pops off and says that the two are better suited for steakhouses. There, plates are for individuals rather than this communal meal. Ouchie.

Donohue's Steak House

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King Cole Bar

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North End Grill

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