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Eleven Madison Park’s Fast-Casual Made Nice Is Pivoting to a Chicken-Heavy Menu

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A chicken schnitzel sandwich, a chicken pot pie, and a chicken sausage banh mi will be on the new menu

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Chicken schnitzel at Made Nice
Chicken schnitzel at Made Nice
Photo by Evan Sung

About one year after opening (and a zinger of a zero-star review), the Eleven Madison Park team’s fast-casual restaurant Made Nice is revamping its menu to feature way more chicken.

Starting on April 18th, Will Guidara and Daniel Humm’s restaurant at 8 West 28th St., between Broadway and Fifth Avenue, will start serving new dishes in a newly formatted menu — going from mostly plate options to a division of plates, salads, sandwiches, soups, and sides.

Made Nice’s menu changes regularly, but this is a marked switch for the team, which initially touted the plates of Made Nice as a way to interpret the upscale dishes from NoMad and EMP into a more accessible setting. The attempt didn’t always land; both Eater’s Ryan Sutton and the Times’ Pete Wells delivered negative reviews following the restaurant’s debut.

Now, “based on a year of feedback from our guests,” Made Nice will start selling dishes like a chicken schnitzel sandwich, a chicken pot pie, a chicken sausage banh mi, and a chicken and broccoli plate. Plus — veering slightly away from the initial decision to not allow customizations — a salad section includes a “build your own chicken adventure” option, according to a statement. Four different salads can come with an addition of either chicken breast, thigh, or schnitzel. See the full menu below.

A spokeswoman for the restaurant says that chicken dishes sold better and received better feedback from customers, hence the new menu with a chicken obsession. A few popular dishes from the old menu — a curry cauliflower plate, milk and honey soft serve — will remain.

But dishes without chicken, like the salmon rosti and steak salad, will disappear. The new menu starts on April 18th.

Made Nice

8 W. 28th St., New York, New York 10001