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Barbie Wearing a Meat Dress Is the Most Ridiculous New Hot Pot Accessory in NYC

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Niu Pot in Flushing serves this wonder for $45

Niu Pot’s meat barbie
Niu Pot’s meat barbie
Photo via Victoria James

Hot pot’s newest celebrity endorser is Barbie herself, who at Niu Pot in Flushing dons a raw meat dress ready to be stripped and dipped into Chinese hot pot. The high fashion look first appeared in late January and has since been creeping into the Instagram feeds, no doubt primed to explode across social media.

The couture creation, made for hot pot only, costs $45 for rib eye lovingly draped across a Barbie doll. A whopping 20 to 30 are ordered every night, a manager tells Eater. Meat Barbie was created about a month ago just as something fun, the manager adds, and rib eye is the only meat used because others are too big to make the dress.

Earliest evidence of the creation online is January 27, and Niu Pot promoted the bovine Barbie as a Valentine’s Day special, though it has stayed on the menu for all to try. The restaurant, located at 42-35 Main St. between Franklin and Maple avenues, has been open since 2015. Besides more classic hot pot broths, it offers French lobster bisque and Japanese pumpkin crab soups for dipping, as well as another Instagram-baity winter melon hot pot that’s literally served in a melon.


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Niu Pot

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