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Huge New FiDi Chick-fil-A Met With Crowds

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Plus, Royal Seafood is temporarily closed — and more intel

Chick-fil-A Fulton Street
Chick-fil-A Fulton Street

Huge new Chick-fil-A swarmed on opening day

Southern fried chicken sandwich chain Chick-fil-A may be politically controversial, but that didn’t stop dozens of people from swarming the new Fulton Street location — the biggest one ever — on Thursday’s opening day. A photo from the new restaurant at 144 Fulton Street shows a sea of people yesterday. As with other new stores, the new Chick-fil-A had a promotion where the first 100 people could potentially get a free year of food, this time for participating in a scavenger hunt.

Royal Seafood temporarily closed for renovation — and other closures

Royal Seafooda Times one-star restaurant that’s been called Chinatown’s best dim sum — is temporarily closed for a renovation. The doors and windows were papered up earlier this month, and a sign outside says that the restaurant won’t reopen until April 12. Once it does, a karaoke VIP room will join the rolling dim sum carts. Over on the Lower East Side, the fried chicken and waffles chain Sweet Chick has once again closed. It initially shuttered due to a gas issue and briefly served waffle-tacos, but now, a sign says it’s closed until “further notice.”

Royal Seafood
The exterior of Royal Seafood
Robert Sietsema

Hot Bird owner opens new Bed-Stuy bar — and other coming attractions and closings

The team behind popular Brooklyn bar Hot Bird now has a new bar over in Bed-Stuy called Pelican. The bar at 382 Marcus Garvey Blvd. isn’t totally up to speed with finishes yet, but as of this week, it is open and serving drinks for locals. Over in the East Village, longtime Italian restaurant Three Cups will close after service this weekend. It’s been open for nearly 26 years; the space will be replaced by a restaurant from the Emily pizza team. In LES, fast-casual restaurant Cheese Grille will be popping up at 198 Allen St., and further downtown, the Fulton Center will soon have a french fry stand.

A new cocktail omakase

Pricey LES restaurant Uchu — which has a sushi omakase and a kaiseki tasting menu — will soon also have a weekly cocktail omakase, starting on Sunday. Frank Cisneros will run the omakase, which will be accompanied by snacks from chef Samuel Clonts. It will cost $90 per person, including tip, and cocktails will be seasonal and created “based on conversation with the guest,” according to the restaurant. Snacks include onigiri featuring spicy scallop and uni.

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