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Stars Behind Minetta Tavern Open Their Solo Restaurant Frenchette Monday

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Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr are back in the dining scene

Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr
Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr
Nick Solares

The chefs responsible for helping to define modern NYC downtown dining will soon open their highly-anticipated solo restaurant: a breakfast to late night brasserie in Tribeca called Frenchette.

Duo Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr — best known for being the longtime chefs at quintessential Keith McNally restaurants like Balthazar and Minetta Tavern — will unleash the French-influenced restaurant at 241 West Broadway, between White and Walker streets, on Monday. Though it will start with just dinner, Hanson and Nasr plan to eventually turn it into an all-day affair with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night dining.

Expect the more than 100-seat restaurant, including a bar seating 35, to be adorned with warm tones and banquettes. As on-brand for Hanson and Nasr, they want Frenchette to be a slightly European restaurant that feels like it could be visited everyday — with a menu stemming from classic French dishes.

Options such as rabbit stew, foie gras toast, and snails with scrambled eggs appear on the menu, according to the Times, as does a rotisserie chicken for two. A natural wine list will be from Jorge Riera, an alum of natural wine destinations Contra and Wildair, though cocktails will be available as well.

Hanson and Nasr used to work at Daniel together and made their name with McNally restaurants starting in 1997. They stayed with the restaurateur for 16 years — helping to attract crowds of celebrities, hip diners, locals, and sometimes Michelin stars at restaurants like Balthazar, Minetta Tavern, and the now-shuttered restaurants Schiller’s Liquor Bar and Pastis.

Despite the chef-restaurateurs’ massive influence on downtown dining, Frenchette is the first time they’ve opened a restaurant on their own. It’s also the first major time they’re back on the scene since parting ways with McNally in 2013, aside from pop-ups. Stay tuned for the full menu, photos of the space, and more.


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