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A Restaurant With Original Salvador Dali Paintings Is Opening in Meatpacking

The Woodstock is going with a ’60s theme

James Morrissey
James Morrissey at The Vnyl
Bess Adler

A bar with ’60s decor, $10 cocktails, and a collection of original Salvador Dali paintings is opening on 14th Street, right near a popular entrance for the High Line.

The Woodstock, opening next week at 446 West 14th St., comes from James Morrissey — the same guy behind splashy ’70s-chic bar The Vnyl that plays music picked out by Entourage actor Adrian Grenier. The 120-seat bar and restaurant is a partnership with developer Thor Equities’ David and Joe Sitt, which owns the property.

Morrissey’s big sell is that all cocktails, which will change seasonally, cost $10. He wanted to open a place that served fancy drinks “at an accessible price point,” according to a statement from the restaurant, and the team landed at that price for cocktails from Soho House Group alum D’Arell Miller. Options include a drink called Electric Lady Land, made with citrus vodka, Curacao, hibiscus, lime, agave, and angostura bitters. Food will be pizza from Nino Coniglio, the chef and proprietor behind Williamsburg Pizza. Expect Neapolitan pies starting at $15.

Space-wise, Morrissey’s going hard on the look of The Woodstock. Paintings from surrealist mastermind Salvador Dali will be on view, a rotating crew from a collection of 24 original paintings owned by the restaurant.

The Woodstock is slated to open on Wednesday, April 4. Stay tuned for more.

The Woodstock

446 West 14th St., New York, 10014 NY