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A Fancy Wagyu Sandwich Shop Is Opening in FiDi

Don Wagyu will serve the pricey sandwich with luxury beef

a wagyu sandwich — pink meat between crustless slices of white bread — sits on a white plate.
The wagyu sandwich from Uchu
Alex Staniloff

A takeout restaurant dedicated to wagyu katsu sando — an increasingly popular Japanese sandwich where a small piece of luxury beef is served between white bread — is opening in New York City.

Don Wagyu is slated to open a tiny shop in FiDi at 28 South William St., near Broad Street, helmed by Japanese cuisine restaurateur Derek Feldman and Samuel Clonts. According to the Times, the new restaurant will open this spring and largely rely on takeout customers. Expect three kinds of sando, one with American washugyu, an A5 Mizayaki wagyu, and a third kind of beef. Cocktails, sake, beer, and a few snacks will also be served. Designer Scott Kester already has the restaurant’s renderings on his site, showing a small bar area and lots of red.

A rendering of Don Wagyu
A rendering of Don Wagyu
Scott Kester

The sandwich typically uses a highly marbled and fatty piece of wagyu beef and is served on crust-free white bread, sometimes spread with a sauce. Occasionally the sandwich comes served in a box. It’s been making rounds on Instagram in Japan for years now, but it’s more recently been landing on menus stateside, too. One Japanese company called Wagyumafia, which has one sandwich costing $180, has already announced plans to open a location of its sando-dedicated shop in New York as well, though it does not yet have a location.

Feldman is no stranger to the luxe item or Japanese fare. He also owns two locations of Sushi on Jones, where an omakase is served in 30 minutes, and Uchu, a sushi and kaiseki restaurant that serves a wagyu katsu sando as one of the courses. In a review of Uchu, Eater critic Ryan Sutton said that its version of the item “tastes like any steak sandwich” despite being part of a $200 tasting menu.

This story has been updated with further info from the restaurant.

Don Wagyu

28 South William St., New York, NY 10004

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