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All-Avocado Restaurant Invades Manhattan

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Everything on Avocado Appetit’s menu contains the trendy fruit

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Avocado Appetit
Avocado Appetit
Photo by Megan McGibney

Following the smash success of Brooklyn avocado restaurant Avocaderia, an all-avocado restaurant has opened in Manhattan. Avocado Appetit is now open in Chinatown at 114 Eldridge St., between Broome and Grand streets, from lifelong neighborhood residents James Mai and Vincent Lin.

Inspired by other avocado cafes The Avocado Show in Amsterdam, Good Fat in Sydney (now closed), and Guac & Go in Singapore, Lin and Mai wanted to bring a healthy restaurant to the neighborhood, which they felt was missing. Thus, avocado became their focus, for a counter-service menu with dishes that all incorporate the fruit, such as four types of toast, sandwiches, and even avocado fries. Smoothies also include avocado, notably the coffee avocado smoothie that combines a Toby’s Estate espresso shot, iced avocado, condensed milk, and chocolate syrup. The full menu — still in progress, with tacos and salads on the way — is below, with beer and wine also to come.

As for the space, cushioned benches seat about 20 in a colorful, tropically decorated room filled with green imagery, photos of avocados, and lots of plants.

When Brooklyn’s Avocaderia opened, it debuted to bonkers lines, selling out of avocados a mere three hours after opening its doors. The craze prompted owners to start scouting locations in Manhattan, but Avocado Appetit has beat them to the punch. Avocado Appetit is now open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Avocado Appétit

114 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002 (917) 388-3675