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Lower East Side Bargoer Found Stabbed 3 Times

Plus, there’s a new supernatural health cafe in Nolita — and more intel

Boho Karaoke Photo via Boho Karaoke/Facebook

Lower East Side bargoer found stabbed three times

After reportedly getting drunk at a Rangers game and at several bars on the Lower East Side including Karaoke Boho on Orchard Street, a 27-year-old man was found Sunday morning in the Allen Street mall with three stab wounds. None of the stabs — one in the left buttocks, left chest, and upper back — were life-threatening, but the man has no recollection of how he got stabbed, Bowery Boogie reports.

Hungry City heads to Hell’s Kitchen for Uighur food

Times Hungry City columnist Ligaya Mishan visits 24-hour kebab joint Kebab Empire in Hell’s Kitchen to highlight the cuisine of the Uighurs, a Turkic-speaking and primarily Muslim minority in China and Central Asia. Mishan calls the menu on point: “Lamb chops, the juices shining, are thrust on blades a foot long, crossed like swords; leg of lamb is hewn in hunks, pressed with crushed cumin seeds, black pepper and salt, then skewered. Both pick up a good marbling of char from the grill — gas, not charcoal, but still the smoke goes deep.” Recommended dishes include all of the lamb: cumin lamb, lamb kebab, lamb chop, and lamb shank. Eater critic Ryan Sutton is also on board with this place.

New health cafe has a supernatural element

Wellness cafe Supernatural has opened at the Woom Center, a yoga studio on Bowery that offers “4-D multi-sensory yoga” and sound healing sessions. The cafe comes from holistic healer Rachelle Robinett, who provides customers with complimentary 15-minute sessions to figure out what their beverage needs are so she can custom-tailor the right drink for their problems. Prior to opening Supernatural, Robinett experimented with elixirs in her apartment and even pulled some knowledge from “witch websites.” Don’t go to this cafe expecting to find matcha and other of-the-moment coffee drinks; it’s more like a place to find “medicinal mylks,” like one made of mushrooms and CBD oil.

A dessert wine festival is coming

A festival dedicated to dessert wines is coming to the 313 Butler Gallery in Boerum Hill on February 17. Rooftop Reds, known for its rooftop wine-pizza-movie nights in the warmer months, is hosting the event, which will pair a variety of Finger Lakes dessert wines with dishes from Brooklyn restaurants. Expect ice wines and ports and, of course, actual desserts. Tickets can be purchased here.

Life before natural wine was cool

The son of Tribeca natural wine store Chambers Street Wines shares his personal experiences with working in his father’s shop and diving into the natural wine world before it was on-trend. “People in the US just hadn’t heard about any of this back then,” he says in Vice’s Munchies story, speaking of his time working in the store as a college student in 2001. He describes his wine “aha” moment, when he visited France with his father for an annual gathering of winemakers. Here’s a primer on which glassware is best for each wine:

Kebab Empire

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