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New York State Shut Down 5 NYC Bars in January

One bar was deemed unsafe after three knife attacks

Brooklyn Nights
Brooklyn Nights
Photo via Brianna R./Yelp

A string of violence led to New York state shutting down five NYC bars in January, with violations varying from stabbings to shootings. Brooklyn Nights in Bed-Stuy was deemed unsafe following three knife attacks in the lounge last year, as were Bronx bars Vapor Lounge, Wish 37, and M & J Flow Lounge. Astoria bar Fusion Lounge was also closed for various unsafe conditions, the Daily News reports.

The New York Police Department, in conjunction with the State Liquor Authority and Workers Compensation Board, issued 15 summonses to Brooklyn Nights with a $54,495 penalty for for operating without mandatory workers’ compensation and disability benefits insurance, as well as having three reported knife attacks since last March.

Vapor Lounge and the M & J Flow Lounge in the Bronx were similarly shuttered following knife attacks, while Wish 37 had two stabbings and two shootings.

But, it appears both Brooklyn Nights and Fusion Lounge are back open — the Workers Compensation Board tells Eater that if a bar pays off penalties for not having the proper insurance and proves it does have the insurance, it can reopen.

The NYPD and SLA have worked together in the past to shut bars down, particularly in the party bar area of the Lower East Side known as Hell Square.