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The Most Popular Seating in Town Is the Blue Banquette

Chances are, you’re sitting in one right now

A table covered in white tablecloth is set for service in an ornate dining room decorated with mini lamps
Eleven Madison Park’s blue, blue banquette
Photo by Gary He

Trend alert: Restaurants are opening at an alarming rate with blue banquettes flanking the walls. The warm-toned, couch-like seating has been popping up at a number of restaurant openings and renovations in recent months, from places as high-profile as Eleven Madison Park to fashion-forward cafes like La Mercerie.

What’s with the zeitgeist? Restaurant-goers know that red banquettes were all the rage in the Keith McNally heyday (see: Balthazar), but as restaurants have moved beyond brasserie and gastropub decor, mid-century modern design has taken over. (As has Instagram bait, like neon and millennial pink — but that’s another story.) Warm woods, gold accents, and, yes, blue banquettes now reign supreme.

Here’s where they can be found, though restaurants take note: As soon as a trend is labeled as such, it’s time to move on.


Gloria’s dining room with navy blue banquettes Nick Solares/Eater

Motel Morris

Motel Morris Photo by Jean Schwarzwalder


Scampi Jean Schwarzwalder

Eleven Madison Park

A high-ceilinged, elegant dining room with a blue painting hanging in the back. Gary He/Eater


Two booths with blue seating Momofuku Nishi [Official Photo]

La Mercerie

La Mercerie Photo via La Mercerie

Baar Baar

Baar Baar Liz Clayman/Baar Baar


Salinas Photo via Salinas

La Pecora Bianca Midtown

La Pecora Bianca Midtown Photo by Evan Sung via La Pecora Bianca

Due West

Due West Photo by Robert Barcello III via Due West