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Charlie Bird Team’s New Restaurant Already Looks Super Hip

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Legacy Records is already a hot spot, and it’s not even open yet

Legacy Records Photo via Legacy Records

Come later this month, the long-awaited next restaurant from the Charlie Bird team will open in Hudson Yards, but it’s been showing off on Instagram with lots of friends and family posting inside the already ultra-hot space. Legacy Records is yet another all-day affair, this one with a seafood-heavy menu and a major drink program at 517 West 38th St. between 10th and 11th avenues.

Chef Ryan Hardy will start off serving Mediterranean fare for lunch and dinner — think seafood risotto and caramelle pasta with beets and poppy seeds — in the 85-seat dining room, while the cafe area will focus on pastries and breakfast items in the morning. And with major wine guys Robert Bohr and Grant Reynolds and PDT head bartender Jeff Bell running the wine and cocktail program, drinks are expected to be ambitious and interesting here. Charlie Bird wine director Arvid Rosengren has put together a 350-bottle list, with a focus on Old World wine, while Bell will focus on classic cocktails downstairs and more experimental iterations on the second floor.

Friends and family have been sharing peeks into the two-floor, Ken Fulk-designed space ahead of the opening. Here’s what they’ve showed off so far:

Fish is definitely a dominant focus of the menu

Photos show branzino with salsa verde, various crudos, scallops served in shell, razor clams, and more:

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Artist Mickalene Thomas has a piece hanging on the wall

Artist Mickalene Thomas, known for her work around female sexuality, beauty, and power, has a piece hanging by the bar.

Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh have already performed in the space

As chronicled on Instagram — though several have been taken down — for the 40th birthday party of mega-financier Olivier D’Meza, rappers Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh performed. Just like at Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones, hip hop will blare over the speakers in the restaurant.

Legacy Records

517 West 38th Street, Manhattan, NY 10018 (917) 748-3248 Visit Website