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Tanoshi Sushi’s Esteemed Chef Toshio Oguma Has Died

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Oguma died Thursday afternoon, his daughter tells Eater

Toshio Oguma of Tanoshi Sushi Yelp

Esteemed sushi chef Toshio Oguma of Tanoshi Sushi died Thursday afternoon after a battle against stomach cancer, his daughter Olivia Oguma tells Eater.

The chef was known for his expert handiwork at the Upper East Side omakase restaurant, which was considered one of NYC’s best. Tanoshi swung open in 2013, and as the head chef, Oguma worked to preserve the classic sushi tradition, tracing back to the cuisine’s humble roots and using few but significant ingredients.

Tanoshi’s remaining chefs, who were trained by Oguma, have been operating the restaurant since June, when his illness forced him to step away from the business. The small UES venue is one of the more affordable options for omakase in town, but despite the under-$100 price tag, it has been revered as one of New York’s highest quality menus, in part due to Oguma’s expertise. It will remain open.

Loyal fans and customers have donated over $23,000 to his family through an online fundraiser, and some have taken to Twitter and Instagram to express their condolences:

Tanoshi Sushi Sake Bar

1372 York Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10021 (917) 265-8254 Visit Website

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