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Renowned Bay Area Burger Makes an Appearance at Morgenstern’s This Week

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Plus, Dojo’s closure looks increasingly permanent — and more intel

Photo by Patricia Chang

Kronnerburger and Morgenstern’s team up for a pop-up

Bay Area chef Chris Kronner, who has previously brought his wildly popular Kronnerburger burgers to NYC through various events, will collaborate with Nick Morgenstern for a pop-up on November 1 from noon to midnight in the new Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream flagship parlor located at 88 West Houston St. The menu will include Kronnerburger burgers and fries, milkshakes from Morgenstern’s, and a very honey-centric special “KronnerStern’s” sundae made with burnt honey vanilla ice cream, honey pie, honey sauce, honey comb, and burnt honey whipped cream.

Dojo’s sign goes down in West Village

Casual Japanese restaurant Dojo — a favorite among NYU students — has removed the signage from its West Village space and the phone line has been disconnected, pointing to a potential closure of the cheap-eats destination that’s been around for decades. The long-running restaurant at 14 West Fourth St., near Mercer Street, was shuttered by the city’s health department following a September 13 inspection that cited 62 violations. Offenses deemed “critical” included unsanitary food prep areas, evidence of mice, potentially contaminated raw or cooked food, and food kept at improper temperatures.

Two openings and a coming attraction

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop opened a new location in the Seaport District at 207 Front St. This is the fourth location for the popular ice cream shop, which owners Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff started as a truck. Bakery Amy’s Bread opened its first Brooklyn location today, at 311 Henry St. in Brooklyn Heights. The menu includes breads, layer cakes, handmade breakfast pastries, sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, and espresso and coffee drinks from Fonte Coffee Roasters.

Meanwhile, signage has arrived for First Lamb Shabu — the Beijing-based hot pot chain planting its first Manhattan outpost at 218 East 14th St., between Second and Third avenues — signaling that an opening may be close. The brand has more than 300 locations in China and one in Flushing. As the name suggests, the hot pot menu is loaded with lamb options, from chops to spines, and also has fun add-ons like a Hello Kitty-sculpture made out of beef oil.

A food and beverage opportunity in Brooklyn

Brooklyn cultural programming group BRIC is seeking food and beverage proposals for its seasonal offerings at the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival in the Prospect Park Bandshell as well as for its year-round venue, the BRIC House at 647 Fulton St. Interested applicants can submit proposals for either or both.

First Lamb Shabu

218 East 14th St., New York, NY 10003

Morgenstern’s (Flagship)

88 W Houston St, New York, NY 10012