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Brunch Hit Clinton Street Accused of Pregnancy Discrimination in New Suit

Former host Yadira Maria claims managers started treating her differently after she became pregnant

Clinton Street Baking Co.
Clinton Street Baking Co.
Photo via Clinton Street Baking Co.

A former host at popular LES brunch destination Clinton Street Baking Co. claims that management discriminated against her for being pregnant — including making comments like asking if she would keep the baby and ultimately firing her, according to a new lawsuit.

The Post reports that Yadira Maria claims that her managers started treating her differently and making off-putting comments toward her after she married one of the restaurant’s cooks and became pregnant, including one manager who allegedly said “don’t worry, we all commit our own mistakes,” according to the suit. She also alleges another one of her superiors asked her if she was going to keep the baby.

When a urinary tract infection led to Maria requesting more bathroom breaks, her managers allegedly eventually cut down her hours, the suit says. Maria claims she was discriminated against “in retaliation for requesting reasonable accommodations for her pregnancy and for complaining of discrimination and lack of reasonable accommodations,” the suit reads. It also claims that she was fired in July with “no plausible explanation” other than being late to work twice and taking bathroom breaks.

Clinton Street Baking Co. owner DeDe Lahman told the Post that she has an all-female management team. “I can tell you as a female business owner, I have a near-perfect business record of employing women,” she says. Eater NY has reached out for more information.

Lahman and her husband Neil Kleinberg opened the pancake destination in 2001, and nearly two decades later, the restaurant still attracts long lines and wait times for weekend brunch. Over the years, they eventually added lunch and dinner to the restaurant at Clinton and Houston streets.

Clinton Street Baking Co.

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