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A Loaded Gun Was Mysteriously Found in the Lambs Club Bathroom Last Week

No one was hurt

Lambs Club

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s sceney Midtown restaurant the Lambs Club apparently went wild last week when a diner found a loaded gun just hanging out in the bathroom. Page Six reports that a man eating at the restaurant found the gun and then went back to his table to tell the restaurant. NYPD eventually showed up to take the gun, and nobody was injured.

But the incident fueled some theories on what happened. Some people suggested that it was a member of German chancellor Angela Merkel’s security who left the weapon. Others claimed that Merkel must have been at nearby dive bar Jimmy’s Corner for a drink when her guard went to pee in the Lambs Club.

Alas, Merkel was not downing cheap beer at the boxing-themed bar but back in Berlin, and because of the United Nations session, the gun could have belonged to any variety of people heading into the restaurant.

A loaded gun is a shock, but it’s par for the course for the rich, famous, and powerful to be at the restaurant. Since opening in 2010, the restaurant has been known for its clubby vibes in an old-school space, as well as its well-heeled clientele. It was once a go-to for top brass at Conde Nast like Anna Wintour and a slew of other fashion and media folk.

Zakarian, besides owning a bunch of restaurants in New York and Miami, is also known for his appearances on TV shows like Chopped and the Next Iron Chef. His partner in the restaurant, David Rubin, has been in NYC’s nightlife industry for years. Zakarian’s wife Margaret is also a partner here.

The Lambs Club did not have any further comment.

The Lambs Club

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