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Cops Raid Another LES ‘Hell Square’ Restaurant

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Plus, Google is looking to sell Zagat — and more intel

Delilah Photo via Delilah/Facebook

Another Lower East Side ‘Hell Square’ restaurant gets raided

In a coordinated MARCH sting, the State Liquor Authority, the NYPD Vice Unit, and members of the NYPD 7th Precinct neighborhood coordination officers shut down Delilah at 155 Rivington Street yesterday. The year-old restaurant received 63 violations related to recent violence and rowdy crowds, Bowery Boogie reports. Last week, three men got into a knife fight outside the lounge and on New Year’s Eve, there were reportedly several 311 and 911 calls from neighbors. Delilah is owned by Paul Seres, the same guy who owns other nearby problem bar The DL.

Google looks to sell NY-made restaurant guide Zagat

Six years after purchasing homegrown restaurant guide Zagat, Google is reportedly looking to offload the brand. Though the giant company declined to comment, Reuters reports that Zagat has become a low priority for Google and only a small internal team maintains the site. The sale would include the Zagat brand name and website, which Google purchased for $151 million as a potential competitor for Yelp.

More and more closures roll in

A rash of closures have hit the Upper West Side, including South Indian restaurant Hampton Chutney, Teavana at 81st and Broadway, and Amsterdam Cafe at 83rd and Amsterdam. The end of the year brought many closures to New York City, including high-profile ones like Guy Fieri’s Times Square restaurant, Cat Cora’s Meatpacking District spot, and the famed Le Cirque.

New cookie dough and cocktail classes to take

A new educational events space has opened solely dedicated to cocktails. Liquor Lab at 138 Wooster Street in Soho has classes available for learning to make all sorts of drinks. Plus, , the Instagram-famous, raw cookie dough shop will soon offer classes on how to make safe cookie dough at home. To learn how to make another sweet treat — eclairs — from home, watch below: