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Reminder: Bourdain Market Still Isn’t Happening Despite What Random Facebook Events Say

Marketing ploys run rampant on Facebook

Bourdain Market
Bourdain Market still isn’t happening at Pier 57
Bourdain photo via Facebook; Super Pier photo via Curbed NY

The Bourdain Market at Pier 57 is still not happening, despite what some Facebook events might have you believe. Misleading events posted by NYC Daily Events and its subgroups suggest that the market is still moving forward but that a date has not been set — and more than 29,000 Facebook users have RSVP’d as attending, with another 79,000 marked as “interested.” But these events just appear to be a marketing ploy to redirect people to real events.

NYC Daily Events is a company that curates events in New York City and has several Facebook groups that cross-post event pages, including NYC Food & Drink Guide, Date Spots NYC, NYC Tourist Guide, and Social Events NYC. While there’s certainly something a little off about these broad groups that just pump out links to events, it doesn’t appear to be a scam along the lines of the fake In-N-Out pop-up or the NYC pizza festival that barely had any pizza. NYC Daily Events is currently promoting the Best Of Brooklyn Food & Beer Festival, which is set to take place at Industry City tomorrow. A representative for Industry City has confirmed that this event is real.

NYC Daily Events has not responded to a request for comment, but it’s possible that the company is using an affiliate linking program to get a small kickback when people purchase Eventbrite tickets using the links provided by NYC Daily Events’ Facebook pages. Clicking on the Eventbrite link for the Best Of Brooklyn Food & Beer Festival that’s provided by NYC Daily Events, for example, generates a URL with a tag that says “aff=NYCDAILY,” which is typically how companies distinguish between its affiliate partners and know who to give a percentage of the sales.

What this marketing hellhole headache essentially boils down to is that NYC Daily Events is using potential interest in the Bourdain Market — which, again, IS NOT HAPPENING — to get people to click on links to other events. The Bourdain Market events are set for dates in 2019, and the event descriptions read: “The date is still not finalized, so stay updated by clicking Like on The NYC Daily Event List. We will keep you informed as more details present themselves, as it may take as long as 2019.” With thousands tracking the page, it seems like it’s been a pretty successful way to get people to follow the brand.

Since NYC Daily Events is not selling actual tickets to the fake Bourdain Market event, it doesn’t appear to break any of Facebook’s policies. But again, Bourdain himself announced in December that plans have been nixed, although he may pursue the project again in the future in NYC.

Bourdain Market

Pier 57, New York, NY 10011