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Tokyo Restaurant With $180 Wagyu Beef Sandwich Is Heading to NYC

Wagyumafia is eyeing New York for a new location

A sandwich from Wagyumafia
Photo via Wagyumafia

The Tokyo-based makers of a pricey wagyu beef cutlet sandwich Wagyumafia are heading to New York.

Eater National reports that the two-year-old company had previously planned to open a butcher shop in SF but now plans to plant it in New York, instead. The restaurant made headlines when it first announced a U.S. location because of the hefty price tag of its signature sandwich — a whopping $180.

The sandwich is made of esteemed (and expensive) Japanese beef, breaded, fried, and the served on a toasted white bread with soy and vinegar sauce. Wagyu katsu sandos in general are a growing trend in Japan, where it’s been popping off on Instagram for about four years. Here in New York, Uchu has been offering a version of it as part of a $200 tasting menu. They’re always pretty expensive, in part due to the amount of care that Wagyu beef farmers pay to the cows.

Of course, Wagyumafia will be in good company. New York has been flooding with high end, upscale Japanese restaurants and bars for the last few years. Omakases, kaisekis, and even a luxury sake bar have expanded to NYC.

Details are still slim on where Wagyumafia’s co-owner Hisato Hamada will be opening the New York outpost of his restaurant. No matter what, it will likely be a splurge situation because of the high cost beef, though it may not cost as much as $185 for a try. The Tokyo location also serves a more modest $45 sandwich with a lesser cut of beef.