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Where Can a Visitor Experience the Best Chicken Wings in NYC?

A visiting “birthday girl” wants to celebrate with wings

A wooden, L-shaped cocktail bar is outfitted with bar stools and an ample supply of bottled spirits.
Bar Goto
Photo by Daniel Krieger

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Hi Eater,

I’m traveling to NYC for my birthday and want the best ever chicken wings, but also somewhere nice for a birthday dinner. We’re not shy to pay for quality but equally don’t like to walk out hungry and need to go McDonald’s after — basically: quality food, good presentation, but not big plate/small meal syndrome please. Thanks in advance from this upcoming birthday girl.

Wing-Loving Birthday Girl


Yes, chicken wings are in fact a fantastic food to eat on your birthday, or really, any day. New York City is full of top notch options, and by far the best chicken wing I’ve had in my life came from Bar Goto, a small but sexy Japanese cocktail bar on LES.

Bar Goto’s spicy miso chicken wings in a small white plate and sesame seeds sprinkled on top.
Those wings!

I have had many wings over time, and the miso ones here are truly phenomenal. They’re small but powerful. The wings are crunchy without being greasy, saucy and flavorful without being gloopy, and balanced with the right notes of spicy, sweet, and salty throughout the experience of eating it. They cost $12 and are worth every penny.

That said, Bar Goto’s emphasis on bar-sized snacks (read: small plates) and super fancy (but delicious!) cocktails probably means you won’t want to have your full birthday meal there. Instead, make a reservation at nearby Prune for the actual meal after trying those wings. It’s comforting and solid American fare, and an order of the flaming pistachios for dessert will make your birthday dinner feel more festive.

Good luck,



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