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Fuku Bulldozes Into Brookfield Place With Beef Tallow Jalapeño Fries

David Chang’s chain opens its second Financial District location

The fried chicken sandwich at Fuku
Nick Solares

Fuku, Momofuku head David Chang’s spicy fried chicken sandwich fast food restaurant, continues on its expansion tear. The seventh location of the chain has opened at Hudson Eats, the food court at the Brookfield Place shopping mall in Battery Park City, making it a prime lunchtime prospect for the downtown office workers. The outpost is just a few doors down from the headquarters of Goldman Sachs.

Expect all the signature Fuku offerings, including the classic crispy thigh meat sandwich with pickles, boneless white meat chicken fingers, chicken shiitake rice bowls, and very in-vogue squash rings.

Fuku is hawking its jalapeño fries as well, but with a tweak that’s exclusive to this location. The resident chefs are serving them skin-on and frying them in beef tallow, a change that should impart the fries with a savory and pleasant muskiness.

The Battery Park location will also serve a Fuku breakfast sandwich, French toast-style bing bread with eggs, cheese, and optional bacon or pork sausage. That sandwich, unfortunately, will only be available on weekends from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., which means no one will be bringing Chang’s take on McGriddles to the office — unfortunate for people who understand that pros don’t get breakfast sandwiches on weekends; they get brunch.

Fuku at Hudson Eats is the chain’s second Financial District location. The first, located just off of Wall Street, is best known for its whole fried chickens (both habanero and sweet and spicy), served after 5 p.m. Fuku also has outposts at Citi Field, Madison Square Garden, and in the East Village.

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