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Noma Is Serving $2K Invite-Only Dinners in NYC This Weekend

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The hoi polloi are not invited

Spring Place
The dining room of the restaurant at Spring Place
Spring Place

Surprise! Noma — one of the world’s most acclaimed restaurants known for its foraging savant chef René Redzepi — is popping up in NYC this weekend. Bad news: it’s not open to the public at all.

The groundbreaking Copenhagen restaurant is hosting private dinners at elite members-only Tribeca club Spring Place all weekend. Some of them are paid for by companies like American Express, while Sunday night’s dinner is limited to members of the club.

For the meal, members must pay a whopping $2,000 per person for a tasting menu with wine pairings — more than three times the cost of the Noma pop-up in Tulum, which was blasted for its high cost. The NYC Sunday meal is already sold out.

Sounds like a ton of cash, but Spring Place members already jump through some serious financial hoops to be part of the club, which has concierge services, an all-day restaurant, and a 10,000-square-foot rooftop. In 2016, a Daily Beast piece found that members must pay a $2,000 initiation fee and an additional $900 per month access fee. The goal is to bring together elites in fashion, art, entertainment, design, and, of course, food.

Redzepi opened a more public Noma pop-up in Mexico earlier this year, marking the third time he’s done an international restaurant where he uses ingredients from the home city. His flagship Copenhagen restaurant closed earlier this year for a relocation and will open Noma 2.0 soon “with a new menu and a new mission.”

Noma, which has been named the world’s best restaurant several times, is one of the most closely watched fine dining restaurants on the planet for the chef’s creative and obsessive use of local ingredients.