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U2 Takes Shots With Fans at Blue Ruin in Hell’s Kitchen

Plus, suspected car thieves pay McDonald’s drive-thru a visit

Blue Ruin Facebook
Melissa McCart is the editor for Eater New York.

This week’s dumbest criminals

Police spotted a car that had been stolen in East Elmhurst last month parked on Astoria Boulevard days later, with a McDonald’s receipt on the dash: This led the cops to the restaurant’s video on August 23, showing the suspects ordering a McDouble, French fries, two McChicken sandwiches, McNuggets with sweet and sour sauce and a Coke. The suspects, who haven’t yet been caught, paid in cash.

Still going

Patrons were psyched to find Bono and U2 at Hell’s Kitchen bar, Blue Ruin, where one ‘Grammer did a shot with Bono following the band’s music video shoot at the bar. The bar named for often low-grade gin, has Playboy covers-as-wallpaper in the bathrooms.

Get ready for another Wagamama

The city’s second Wagamama is poised to open at 55 3rd Avenue at 11th Street. Of the offerings, Eater critic Robert Sietsema said of the first one off Madison Square: “Its take has been filtered through English sensibilities, creating a dumbed-down Anglo-Japanese cuisine intrinsically less interesting to New York’s sophisticated ramen-slurping public.” The underwhelming London-based chain with over 140 locations worldwide looks ready to open this month or early next month. It’s next door to the newly opened Martina from Danny Meyer.

New sushi and dim sum on the LES

SushuMai opens at 112 Stanton Street with a menu of sushi, dim sum, and noodles in what had formerly been Li-Li’s before the space stood vacant. It’s BYO for now but will likely offer beer and wine soon.

A summer extension

The Club Car at The McKittrick Hotel has extended its stay to the end of September: Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr’s pop-up before opening their splashy new brasserie, Frenchette. A new a la carte menu rolls out September 14 with sandwiches, salads, burgers, surf-and-turf plates, steak or lobster frites.

Rice noodles on the rise

With Yunnan mixian noodles gaining traction around the city, here’s a primer on how rice noodles are made.