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Le Cirque Account Calls Trump-Hating Yelper a White Supremacist

Legendary restaurateur Sirio Maccioni was not pleased

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Sirio Maccioni, Donald Trump, and Melania Trump
An old photo of Le Cirque owner Sirio Maccioni with Donald Trump and Melania Trump
Photo via Le Cirque/Facebook

After French fine dining stalwart Le Cirque hosted a GOP fundraising dinner with Donald Trump this week, several people took to Yelp to blast the restaurant and to encourage people to avoid it — a move that prompted the owner to call them “social media Nazi white supremacists.”

Four one-star Yelp reviews mentioning Trump show up on the Midtown East restaurant’s page, and an account under the name of owner and maitre d’ legend Sirio Maccioni responded to most of them with strong language.

In response to one that said Le Cirque was “aiding and abetting fascists and white supremacists,” Maccioni wrote:

Yelp please remove this social media nazi white supremacist who incites hate and violence against hard working immigrant restaurant workers. Real New Yorkers have come to our restaurant this week and now business is booking. Best week of the year in sales. Jamie R is a nazi white supremacist and must be removed from Yelp together with his haters and bigot friends.

He added that “the diverse and hard working staff of Le Cirque who lives paycheck to paycheck to serve great food with passion to everyone regardless of who they are.” Maccioni also responded to two other reviews mentioning Trump, asking Yelp to remove the listings and calling the reviewers “a social media Nazi” and the posts “hate speech.”

Le Cirque
Donald Trump at Le Cirque this week
Photo via Le Cirque Facebook

Le Cirque went to other social media, too. On Facebook, the Le Cirque account posted two photos of the president’s speech at the fundraising dinner and added a comment saying that business spiked after Trump’s visit. The restaurant account again said that “social media nazi are not in touch with the reality of hard working restaurant people” [sic].

And on Thursday, Le Cirque’s Twitter account has waded into arguments over the situation, defending their right to host private events and saying they “do not discriminate based on gender, religion, origin, orientation nor political views.”

Update: In an email, son Mario Maccioni says: “The emails from Trump haters are very nasty, threatening boycotts and insulting. I do not understand why anyone would write such emails? What business is it of anyone’s to even comment on who is dining in our restaurant?”

Le Cirque hosted a GOP fundraising dinner this week, where seats cost a minimum of $35,000 per person. The dinner raised $5 million for the Republican party.

The restaurant is one of the city’s best known upscale French restaurants, playing a role in the careers of chefs like Daniel Boulud and hosting a slew of celebrities over the years. Trump visited regularly before the presidency.

It first opened in 1974 and moved to its current outpost at 151 East 58th Street, between Lexington Avenue and Third Avenue, in May 2006. Maccioni, who runs the restaurant with his sons, is one of the iconic restaurateurs in the city. He can still sometimes be spotted working as maitre d’ at Le Cirque.

More recently though, the restaurant’s built a less savory reputation, with a rough one-star review from the Times, a sexual harassment lawsuit, and an unpaid wages lawsuit. Earlier this year, it filed for bankruptcy but plans to stay open.

Le Cirque

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