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Anti-Trump Charity Bar Will Close to do Nationwide Cocktail Fundraising

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Coup’s last day is Saturday

Sother Teague, Max Green, and Ravi DeRossi
Sother Teague, Max Green, and Ravi DeRossi, the team behind Coup
Photo via Coup

East Village cocktail bar Coup — which donates all its profits to organizations fighting against the policies of Donald Trump — is closing after this weekend to take its cocktail charity on the road across the country.

The bar from cocktail bar heavyweights Ravi DeRossi, Sother Teague, and Max Green opened in the spring at 64 Cooper Square, south of East 8th Street, as way for the owners to fix their “political paralysis” after the election. All profits went to various nonprofits like Human Rights Campaign or the A.C.L.U.

But now, the team has decided to close up shop and turn Coup into its own nonprofit that will pop-up at cocktail bars everywhere in the U.S. It will maintain the same ethos and will keep fundraising via cocktails, according to a statement:

The owners of Coup ... feel strongly that bringing the bar and its charitable efforts to different cities will allow patrons to come together for causes they care about, and they can do so at some of their favorite cocktail spots. ‘Coup from the very start has always been an enormous passion project for me,’ says Ravi DeRossi, ‘and now we have an opportunity to get even more people involved and excited about what we’re doing. The next step for us will make Coup a living, breathing, experience, where everyone everywhere can get involved.’

It’s an all-star drinks team behind the new fundraising body. DeRossi is known for opening businesses like Death & Co. and Cienfuegos, some of the most lauded cocktail bars in the country. Teague mans the bar team at DeRossi’s bar Amor y Amargo, and Green’s worked at several of DeRossi’s bars, as well as Dram in Williamsburg.

When Coup opened in the spring, it said it would only be a pop-up bar, but the idea was that it would it stay open for as long as Trump is president.

Instead, the East Village location will close after service on Saturday, September 30, and until then, profits will go to hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, Texas, and Florida. A schedule for the nationwide Coup pop-ups will be announced next month. Stay tuned for more.


64 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003