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Lam Zhou Showers Chinatown With Dumplings Again Next Month

The dumpling destination reopens around October 15

Boiled dumplings covered in chile oil
Dumplings from Lam Zhou
Devra Ferst

Temporarily shuttered Chinatown favorite Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle and Dumpling will bestow the neighborhood with plump dumplings once again in mid-October — this time with an expanded menu and potentially beer and wine.

Mindy Xie, whose uncle owns the restaurant, says that her family closed the original location at 144 East Broadway in August after the lease ended. They snapped up a slightly bigger space at 40 Bowery, south of Canal Street, and will be ready to rock around October 15th, give or take, she says.

They’re still finalizing details, but it will likely seat more than 40 people and offer additional, to-be-determined dishes. The former location did not offer booze, and here, the owners have applied for a beer and wine license.

The original Lam Zhou outpost suddenly closed in August, much to the dismay of dumpling fanatics in the city who considered it the best dumpling shop in Manhattan. It’s known for pork and chive dumplings, often consumed with neon orange homemade chile oil. Xie and her family did not formally announce that they’d already found another space besides a poster board on the new location, several weeks later.

Xie heard about the distress over the closure and was “very happy that people liked us,” she says. “I thought, if we can reopen, our old customers can come in again,” she says.

Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle and Dumpling

40 Bowery, New York, NY 10013