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Contra Owner Considers Opening a LES Pizzeria

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The team is on an expansion tear

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Jeremiah Stone
Jeremiah Stone at Contra
Nick Solares

A liquor license application on 175 Orchard Street shows an interesting potential project: Contra and Wildair restaurateur Jeremiah Stone has applied for a license to accompany a pizzeria in the space. According to the application, it would be a ground floor restaurant in what used to be a coffee shop, with liquor, wine, beer, and cider.

But, Stone cautioned to Eater there’s “a strong chance we will not pursue it,” though he declined to provide details. Regardless, the effort is the latest move in an expansion pursuit on Stone and chef-partner Fabian von Hauske’s parts.

Von Hauske and Stone made names for themselves in the neighborhood when they opened tasting menu spot Contra in 2013 to rave reviews. They quickly followed up that success with its more casual, small plate sister Wildair, which landed on Eater National’s list of best new restaurants of 2016.

Now, they’re making unexpected moves with the opening of a wine-focused liquor store with beverage director Jorge Riera, plus the news of this potential pizza restaurant.

Pizza has had a big year in New York City, with the openings of Emily, Martina, &pizza, plus famed Naples pizzaioli Gino Sorbillo set to make his stateside debut and a likely Jonathan Benno mid-range pizzeria.

Stay tuned for more.

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