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Sushi on Jones’ Affordable Omakase Lands in West Village

The $58, 30-minute meal is now available indoors

Sushi on Jones Robert Sietsema

Wildly popular outdoor sushi counter Sushi on Jones now has an indoor space for its 30-minute, $58 omakase.

The tiny restaurant that originated at Bowery Market opened a 10-seat restaurant at 210 West 10th Street, near Bleecker Street, in the West Village this week. It’s a small operation here, but it’s still quite a bit bigger than the first location, which only sat four people and is regularly booked to the brim on weekends for its affordable omakase.

More room means more kinds of fish will show up on the menu of 12 nigiri, a set that includes uni, wagyu, and toro options. Delivery, too, will continue but from this outpost instead of the Bowery Market one. Here, seats are still in a bar format, and a neon pink sign declaring “less talk, more eat” hangs above the kitchen.

The idea of a speedy omakase is somewhat inspired by the timed sushi dinners in Tokyo, where even high-end omakases sometimes put diners on a timer. Owner Derek Feldman — who also recently opened a higher end Japanese restaurant called Uchu — originally opened Sushi on Jones in 2016 with embattled sushi chef David Bouhadana. They parted ways, and Bouhadana went on to open his own version of a 30-minute omakase.

But even after Bouhadana’s departure, Sushi on Jones remained popular. Lower-priced, quality omakases have been a big hit in New York, especially as many new tasting menus skew above the $200 price range. Los Angeles import Sugarfish and its $39 omakase and Sushi Katsuei’s $60 West Village version are also popular options for sushi obsessives.

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Sushi on Jones (West Village)

210 West 10th Street, New York, NY 10014