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New York Singles Drink Too Much, Critic Says

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Plus, the city’s best new pizza is now available for delivery


Drinking is a singles problem, Cuozzo says

The youth are bothering Steve Cuozzo, whose cantankerous side comes out in a rant against “noisy young drunks.” It’s in response to the man suing the city for allowing bottomless brunches to exist: “I’m no psychiatrist or sociologist,” Cuozzo writes, “but over-drinking strikes me mainly as a condition of the single.” He goes on to cite numbers that show eligible women outnumber men in NYC, coming to this conclusion: “When gender expectations are wildly out of sync, anxiety is soothed with alcohol’s fast-acting flood of relief.”

The city’s best new slice is now being delivered

Declared New York City’s best new pizza, Corner Slice in Gotham West Market is now making itself more available to all. The square slices are now available to most of Manhattan through Caviar delivery, with the addition of a few new pies, like one with bacon and onion.

Some East Side additions

The owner of Swagat and Badshah has added Tapa (102 Lexington Avenue), another Indian restaurant, into the mix, this one in Murray Hill and focused on American-Indian fusion fare and hookahs. Plus, Morningside Heights fast-casual Chinese restaurant Junzi Kitchen is bringing its bings and noodles downtown to Bleecker Street near NYU. Over in the East Village, the Roman food trend continues with Mani in Pasta headed to 245 East 14th Street. Finally, Hell’s Kitchen coffee shop Frisson Espresso will add an outpost at 36 Third Avenue.

Upper West Side shake-ups

The white-picket-fenced Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table will close its doors tomorrow night, citing financial troubles to West Side Rag. Owners plan to transfer Elizabeth’s brunch menu over to Gabriella’s, the other restaurant they own. Just a few blocks away, Italian restaurant Cibo e Vino is expanding, taking over the space next door to add an additional 20 seats.

Exploring the black food trend

Rainbow foods haven’t gone anywhere, but black food has definitely joined the party. The Times takes a look at the ghoulish appeal, heading to Morgenstern’s to try its black coconut ash flavor. The conclusion: “I fear they’re all the same novelty act,” Ligaya Mishan writes. Below, take a look at a more traditional dark dish, Korean blood sausage:

Le Cirque

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