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Eat Uncle Boons Thai Takeout on the Couch Tomorrow

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Get pad thai and tom yum soup to go

Uncle Boons Sister Jean Schwarzwalder

One of New York City’s essential Thai restaurants expands with an entirely takeout operation starting Saturday, September 22. Uncle Boons, the Nolita runaway hit from chef-owners Ann Redding and Matt Danzer adds Uncle Boons Sister to the family.

This slim, counter-service space is a simple operation of popular dishes like pad Thai and tom yum soup, plus large plates like a crab omelet with a yellow curry sauce. Everything, though, cannot be found on the original Uncle Boons menu. The full menu is here.

Redding and Danzer originally opened here as Mr. Donahue’s, an old-school American dinner counter, before closing in August to flip to this concept. It’s one the husband-wife duo had been considering for a while — the move makes sense considering Uncle Boons’ wild popularity, even over four years after opening. As Eater critic Ryan Sutton wrote in his 2015 review, Redding and Denzer cook “affordable and electrically charged Thai fare.”

Uncle Boons Sister open this weekend for dinner only. It will be open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week, starting next Monday. Stay tuned for photos and more.

A spread of food from Uncle Boons Sister, including poached chicken, pad thai with prawns, and a beef scramble with eggs. Jean Schwarzwalder/Eater

Uncle Boons Sister

203 Mott Street, Manhattan, NY 10012 (646) 850-9480 Visit Website