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Eleven Madison Park Joins Instagram

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Plus, an ambitious taqueria opens in East Harlem

Welcome to Instagram, EMP

Eleven Madison Park has ceremoniously joined Instagram and has raked in almost 14K followers for their first day. The debut is part of the rollout for the revamped World’s Best” restaurant on track to open later this fall. “It took us a while to get with the times, but I'm excited to announce that as of today @elevenmadisonpark is finally on Instagram,” partner Will Guidara wrote on his own account. “Follow along over the next few weeks as we reopen the restaurant and start to show you what we've been working on this last year.”

Julian Medina’s La Chula is now open in Harlem

Following the court dismissing the the sex tape sexual harassment lawsuit, restaurateur Julian Medina of Yerba Buena and Tacuba has opened La Chula at 137 East 116th Street near Lexington Avenue. Medina told DNAinfo that the owner of El Aguila — the restaurant that had been in that space — called him awhile back because he was going back to Mexico and was looking for someone to take it over. The 45-seat restaurant offers tacos stuffed with lengua, sweet potato, and chorizo, among other dishes.

LES Grumpy to expand

Cafe Grumpy is expanding its Essex Street shop: It’s taking over the space that was briefly Factory Tamal before it moved and, prior to that, Cabalito Pupuseria, a Salvadoran restaurant run by former Grumpy barista, reports Bowery Boogie. The extra space is going to transition into a training area for Grumpy staff.

‘Glossy ribs’ and ‘glassine strands of jellyfish’

Here’s why the Times’ Ligaya Mishan says to visit Wu’s Wonton King in Chinatown: the meat-carving station up front, for “glossy ribs whose flesh is swiftly liberated from the bone...” and “for the lucky ones who call ahead, there is whole suckling pig, wheeled tableside, looking as if it were dipped in bronze.”

Fast-casual Italian is taking over the world

Grub Street looks at the economic sense of opening fast-casual pasta bars and pizza shops since the ingredients are so damn cheap (or can be if a restaurateur decides to go with super-industrial products). There’s a big picture national look as well as a New York focus on Sola Pasta Bar, The Sosta, and Pasta Flyer, fast food from Mark Ladner with a UFO motif.

On that note, five must-eat pastas:

Eleven Madison Park

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