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Ramen Lab Hosts Acclaimed Tokyo Ramen Chain Through the Month

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Plus, Spike Lee wades into the Summerhill controversy

Paitan ramen from Mensho

Spike Lee is not a fan of that fake bullet-hole bar

Filmmaker Spike Lee, known for his work about Brooklyn, is not on board with Summerhill, the Crown Heights bar whose owner falsely claimed the restaurant had bullet holes. “What’s wrong with that lady?” he tells Gothamist. “It's what I've talked about before — people are moving into these neighborhoods with no respect for the culture, and that's a brazen example of it.”

Acclaimed Tokyo ramen visits NYC

Wildly popular Tokyo ramen chain Mensho — whose first U.S. location in SF draws hours-long lines — has been hanging out at Ramen Lab in Nolita this week and will be there until the end of the month. Mensho owner Tomoharu Shono is offering three kinds of tori paitan ramen, which has a chicken soup base. See the full menu here.

Mayor Bill de Blasio supports letting people dance

In an about face, the mayor is now in support of nixing the cabaret law that bans dancing in bars and restaurants without a license. Such licenses are expensive and difficult to obtain, and critics of the Prohibition-era law say it was created “to discourage interracial mingling at clubs in the 1920s,” according to the Post. His administration wanted to keep it in place as recently as 2015, but at a hearing on Thursday, de Blasio’s office finally voiced its support of getting rid of it.

Ligaya Mishan visits an Albanian pizza restaurant in the Bronx

In this week’s Hungry City column, writer Ligaya Mishan takes a look at Tradita, a restaurant in the Bronx with both Albanian specialties and a “worthy” pizza section. She particularly enjoyed the sharri, a ground veal and cheese crepe that’s grilled “until the juices hiss and the cheese is magma,” she writes. “The salt is profound, almost too much, and then your sense of “too much” shifts and it is exactly what you want.”

Weekend festivals

The huge annual Little Italy Feast of San Gennaro is going strong over the weekend, with lots of cannoli and meatballs packing the streets. Actor Tony Danza may be serving meats and pasta at the cheese store he co-owns, Alleva. The annual Vendy Awards on Governors island are also taking place this weekend. More than 25 street food vendors will serve fare ranging from momos to tamales, and $100-per-person tickets are still available.

Shakshuka pizza from Einat Admony

Rossopomodoro and chef Einat Admony of Balaboosta and Taim Bar have created a shakshuka pizza that’s being served at Eataly FiDi and Eataly in Flatiron. It has a spicy tomato sauce, goat feta, spinach, eggs, and za’atar, and it will be available until the end of September. Admony may eventually add a Chicago deep dish-style version of it to the menu at Balaboosta. For a look a different version of shakshuka, see how Jack’s Wife Freda makes their green one:

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