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Tsukiji Will Soon Provide Newark Airport's Sushi

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Grab-and-go sushi in the revamped Terminal C

Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images
Melissa McCart is the editor for Eater New York.

As part of the massive overhaul in dining options in Newark Airport Terminal C, Tsukiji Fish Market and Sushi will open this fall, a grab-and-go spot from food provider OTG, stocked with fish flown in via United Airlines from Japan’s famed Tsukiji — the world’s largest fish market.

“OTG’s buyers will hit the market before dawn to select the best fish at peak freshness,” according to a statement from OTG and United. It’ll fly out hours later on a nonstop Newark flight, where upon its arrival, “OTG’s sushi chefs will prepare it for diners that same day.” Once the restaurant opens, any sushi prepared in the terminal will also be made in the Tsukiji fish room.

This model aligns with how many of New York City’s sushi restaurants source fish, using product flown in daily from Tsukiji. OTG will now lean on the Tsukiji name, though the market is not tied to the restaurant directly.

The super-sourced market is part of the massive, $120 million overhaul of Terminal C, which, most recently announced another OTG project, an invitation-only restaurant called Classified, a 36-seat restaurant from Marc Forgione and designed by David Rockwell.

The hard-to-find Classified spot is apparently “tucked down a hallway behind the French bistro Saison,” where diners are met at the entrance and escorted down a passageway to their tables. It features iPad ordering, a seasonal dishes dotted with Union Square Greenmarket produce, and high-end libations. Among those invited include customers who fly more than 100,000 miles a year with United, the Times reports.

Other restaurants in Terminal C include Thyme from Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy, Little Purse Dumpling Den from Dale Talde, and Melange Petit Patisserie from Jacques Torres.