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Grey Dog Cafe Makes a Cameo in the 'Broad City' Premiere

In the show, Ilana worked at the West Village location

Broad City
Abbi waits for the Grey Dog bathroom with some huge Bed Bath and Beyond bags
Comedy Central

TV’s brashest best friends in Broad City made their return last night for the fourth season, and it turns out, NYC cafe The Grey Dog played a starring guest role in the uniting friendship of Abbi and Ilana.

The flashback episode went to 2011, when Abbi and Ilana met after Ilana swiped Abbi in the subway. It goes through two alternative timelines of their friendship: In one, Ilana — who is notoriously bad at jobs — works at the Grey Dog location at 49 Carmine Street, and as Ilana and Abbi sit in the park, Ilana finds out that she’s been fired for leaving the doors open all night. It turns out Abbi is a regular at the outpost.

In another version of the timeline, Abbi waits for the bathroom at the Grey Dog, where Ilana is playing hooky from work by sleeping on the toilet with a very large bag of coffee beans. She also gets fired in this timeline.

Grey Dog is a popular coffee shop and cafe with four locations in lower Manhattan. This location in particular is in the West Village, though it’s not its original Carmine Street location. It actually moved out of its flagship 33 Carmine Street space in 2011 after 14 years in the space due to a landlord issue. The restaurant then reopened at 49 Carmine Street, the location used in the show, in 2014.

The duo also shouts out a pizzeria at Orchard Street and Delancey, though no pizza shop exists right at that corner. Overall, this season debut is a very New York City-centric experience, and the use of Grey Dog reinforces it. Sister site Curbed also has a map of all the super New York-y spots that the show has previously visited, including Magnolia Bakery.

See the full episode here. Grey Dog and its mentions start around 5:20.

The Grey Dog

49 Carmine Street, New York, NY 10014

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